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Photography is my passion

Photography is an art of observation, it is about finding something interesting in an ordinary place

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Photo of Bart Hi, my name is Bart. I’m a self taught photographer, enjoying photography since 2003. All these years I have been exploring many different areas of photography, with my greatest passion for landscapes and nature. Spending time outdoors with a camera has made me appreciate early morning or evening light, when everything you see is 'painted' beautifully by the sun. I use a camera to show the beauty of the ordinary world surrounding us, in a creative and artistic way. The photos which you have found on my website are taken with a professional range of Nikon cameras and lenses.
photos on my laptop
first camera
Olympus C350Z
mode i shoot in most
Aperture Priority
favourite place
Lake District
Most photos in 1 shoot
time of the year
Late Spring
What it takes to capture great landscapes
Light, Composition, Patience
The Photos


Sunset at Whitby
View from Aonach Mor
Frosty morning
Whitby Lighthouse
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Tropical 'red tassel'
Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)
Small white flower
Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)
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Emily with Super Ricohflex
Pesia and Snow
...baby Alice
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Kevin Procter
The winner takes it all...
WADE drifting for victory
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The Milky Way
Austin of England
Icy Kiwi
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